Bravo Bringing Another Housewives City To Us!

Bravo Bringing Another Housewives City To Us!

So many fans of the show have been waiting literally for years for the Miami housewives to return. When they were on…Bravo was relatively new with only a few other franchises compared to the myriad of choices we have today. Ratings weren’t what they expected and sadly the Real Housewives Of Miami was cancelled. Well good news is upon us my friends they’re coming back and here’s how. Casting Directors have hustled on down to the Sunshine State and are looking for cities and housewives that will truly bring the drama.

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So far in the mix are Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Personally, I think Miami would be ideal. It’s full of gorgeous women and rich athletes and the two together would make for a perfect new housewives location. It’s incredible how far Bravo has expanded their franchises as we just can’t seem to get enough of these ladies. Looking forward to whatever city Bravo chooses…just keep bringing us the glitz and glamour we’ve come to love.

Written by Riley Mathews

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