Brandi Granville Gives Deposition at Krupa v. Glanville Lawsuit!

Brandi Granville Gives Deposition at Krupa v. Glanville Lawsuit!

Brandi Glanville showed little remorse while giving her deposition in the slander lawsuit, Krupa v Glanville. Quick reminder of what’s happening: Brandi, during an appearance on Watch What Happens live in November 2013 said that Krupa had had sexual relations with Mohamed Hadid while he was in still married to Yolanda Foster (then and now Hadid). She also said that Hadid told her that Krupa’s “p—-y smelled.” And even though both Mohamed and Yolanda denied Glanville’s allegations, both the smelly vajayjay and the affair, Brandi continued to spread that rumor on Bravo’s YouTube Channel edition of WWHL, along with her own commentary, “You can’t help the odor situation.”

Brandi is claiming that “you get what you signed up for on reality TV” according to transcripts TMZ was able to get a hold of. She said that contractually Krupa lawsuit should be tossed because the contract signed for the popular Bravo franchise bars the cast from suing one another. According to Brandi, it’s wide open on what they say about one another. But she maintains that she didn’t say anything that she knew was false. But, would you consider them cast mates since one was on Beverly Hills and the other on Miami? And hadn’t the Real Housewives of Miami been cancelled by this time so would you even consider Joanna an employee of Bravo?

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Joanna Krupa is seeking $2 million in punitive damages over Glanville’s comments.

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"To be honest, I'm just winging far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda













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