Blac Chyna Speaks Out and Fearful of Rob…Judge Grants Restraining Order!

 Blac Chyna Speaks Out and Fearful of Rob...Judge Grants Restraining Order!

Chyna is speaking out with GMA in a pre-taped interview. Rob went a little crazy over the video Chyna sent him of her kissing and in bed with another man. He posted nude pics of her on Instagram, which Instagram deleted his profile due to a violation of their terms. Rob also stated that he paid over 100k for plastic surgery for Chyna after Dream was born. He also ranted about her other relationships with different men, he was clearly upset and said she can’t be loyal. She cheated with a lot of different people and she got caught. She didn’t respond to those accusations but stated he physically abused her. Her attorney Lisa Bloom said they put him on notice revenge porn is illegal and Cyber-bullying your ex is considered harassment. It was said that Rob and Chyna’s relationship ended months ago and that she has the right to do what she wants. So then why rub it in his face by sending him pics and videos of her and another guy in bed? Seriously, Chyna, this is the pot calling the kettle Blac! She is a hypocrite by stating she feels betrayed, well how do you think Rob felt? She stated she talked to Rob about everything, but if he doesn’t respect me he has to respect the law. In the state of California, there was an anti-revenge porn law implemented in 2013.No charges have been filed against Rob.

 Blac Chyna Speaks Out and Fearful of Rob...Judge Grants Restraining Order!

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Rob claimed that Chyna used him for fame and fortune, she responded by saying I was already Blac Chyna before the Kardashians, Who is she? She has posted some sketchy pics before, so where does she draw the line? She said she can do whatever she wants.

When she was asked why she sent the video of her and another man to Rob, she said if somebody keeps poking at you I figured that would put an end to it and Rob would leave her alone. Chyna was just awarded a Temporary Domestic Violence restraining order against him. She said she is afraid of him and that he has a gun and has stated he will use it on himself. She claimed that he attacked her back in April. Rob has stated that Chyna abused him too.
When Chyna hooked up with Rob, she already knew he was depressed, maybe she should have thought about that before getting involved and trapping him with a baby. Rob’s sisters forewarned him about her but he didn’t listen to what they had to say.

Blac Chyna was a nobody before she hooked up with the Kardashians, I believe she was in it for fame and fortune, which some of that fortune was taken back from Rob everything from jewelry to a car.
Rob has said he regrets what he did on Instagram, but is he hurting enough to off himself? His family needs to stand beside him and get him help, they need to support him not get angry with him, yes what he did was wrong but Chyna was in the wrong too.

 Blac Chyna Speaks Out and Fearful of Rob...Judge Grants Restraining Order!

Everyone needs to take a step back and see what this might do to their baby Dream in the future.

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