Blac and Rob Heading to Court?

Blac Chyna is threatening Rob Kardashian that if he doesn’t pay child support she will tell all of his secrets. It’s about to get ugly between them and unfortunately, Blac Chyna does not trust Rob alone with their child. Rob is trying to get full custody of his daughter with the help of his mom, Kris Jenner. Kris does not play around, if Chyna threatens Rob it will be a huge fight, since Kris has very powerful lawyers.

Rob is a great person and dad. Dream looks just like him. SHe is so beautiful and chyna is a mean person who likes to bully people. She can’t stay in a relationship with any guy without yelling at them. She also talks bad about them. That is not nice. I have never liked her. I hope Rob can find someone way better than her. Someone that will respect, love, and care for him and also someone that will go out with a dad that has a cute kid. I love Rob. He has come along way. I wish him good luck with his custody battle with his ex-baby mama.

Written by Sonia B.

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Edited by Katie

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