BIP’s DeMario Jackson Guilty or Not?

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Can the footage of Bachelor in Paradise prove DeMario’s claim of consensual sex?
According to Jackson, the footage can clear his name.

At this time there is no proof that Jackson has hired an attorney, Corrine Olympios hired a Hollywood attorney Marty Singer, who is asking for the footage.

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Castmate Jasmine Goode is coming to Jackson’s defense stating she saw the two and Corrine even said Hi to her, she also stated that if she thought Corrine was too intoxicated and couldn’t defend herself, she would have jumped in to stop it. The next day Jasmine said she saw Corrine with other castmates including Jackson laughing having a good time, never once saying she was assaulted or she was too drunk to defend herself. Jasmine honestly thought they would end up a couple. Jasmine states that Corrine was the aggressor on set and with other guys aside from DeMario.

DeMario Jackson’s ex-girlfriend Lexi is even defending him stating he’s a 30-year-old man-child, but would never take advantage of a drunk woman.

So will they show the footage and prove Demario Jackson “Guilty or Not Guilty”, only time will tell!

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