BIP Scandal, The Final Chapter

BIP Scandal, The Final Chapter

Corinne Olympios spoke out after the show announced they would resume production, she believes that she was made into a victim. She stated with all the misinformation that has been spread in the media, she wants to clarify a few things.

BIP Scandal, The Final Chapter

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Corinne wanted to understand what happened on June 4, the day that she and DeMario ended up naked in the pool while being intoxicated. DeMario recently came out to describe what happened in their raunchy hookup, which of course the producers told execs that Corinne was too drunk to consent. There was a thorough investigation which ended up determining that there was no misconduct and she was aware of what was happening.

In the beginning of this, she was claiming “Victim” but the tape debunked that statement. Corinne said she never filed a complaint or accused anyone associated with BIP they just wanted to be thorough.  She still claims she has no memory of what happened and this makes her feel like she was victimized. She feels people were judging her because of conflicting reports.  DeMario did say how aggressive she was during their hookup, even putting her naked crotch in his face at one point and demanding oral sex.

We all remember  Corinne tearing her bathing suit top off and got in the pool with Nick on the Bachelor, maybe this is something she likes to do!

BIP Scandal, The Final Chapter

There are a lot of questions about that day and what took place, and she freaked out because she had no idea what happened, so is it possible she blacked out from being so drunk?

Corinne stated that her team’s investigation has been completed to her satisfaction. She also said she is happy about the changes made in reference to alcohol. There is now a 2 drink maximum per hour and that crew will be asked to keep a closer eye than before.

Corinne ended with that she was grateful for having the chance to be on the bachelor and bachelor in paradise, She was invited back when filming resumed but she respectfully declined.
The premier is still scheduled to air on August 8.

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