“BIP”: Corinne Olympios, Single? or Not

"BIP": Corinne Olympios, Single? or Not

Corinne supposedly wasn’t single when she signed up to do “Bachelor In Paradise”. Apparently, she got the all clear from her boyfriend Jordan Gielchinsky. So why go on the show if she was part of a couple? HA for more 5 minutes of fame to maybe start a scandal? Her alleged boyfriend was totally cool with it and said she could go on the show as long as she didn’t hook up, well guess he made the mistake to agree to this. Sources told TMZ it was all about getting publicity for her clothing line. She was going for a few episodes then make her exit.

"BIP": Corinne Olympios, Single? or Not

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Well, guess what, that didn’t happen because she hooked up right away, but cried wolf afterward, gee I wonder why?
Maybe so her boyfriend wouldn’t dump her, actually, he is standing by her side since she cried, the victim.
Jordan was upset when he heard she hooked up with DeMario. He claims after he got all the details including she was extremely intoxicated he backed her completely.

"BIP": Corinne Olympios, Single? or Not

Well hopefully soon enough the truth will come out and we all will find out what really happened. Well, I say if he was dating her and knows her, he knows she drinks a lot so that shouldn’t have surprised him!

Clothing line Hmm, see she needed her 5 minutes of fame, people will remember her for all of this in my opinion!

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