BIP Corinne and DeMario’s Poolside Sex Scene!

BIP Corinne and DeMario's Poolside Sex Scene!

We all know about Corinne and DeMario’s scandal in the beginning of Bachelor in Paradise. Production came to a halt, there was an investigation done and the findings were that the two had poolside sex and there was no sexual assault. So as it turns out we will be seeing this tryst between them two. Corinne never accused DeMarion of sexual assault. They were both pretty drunk, so drunk we were told that DeMario couldn’t even get an erection. Their little rendezvous was centered around Corinne, lucky her I guess. Did a producer deliberately arrange for those two to hook up that caused this scandal? There was concern that they both were victimized, by being filmed while drunk. Nothing else was done and Corinne was satisfied with the findings even though she was too drunk to remember anything.

BIP Corinne and DeMario's Poolside Sex Scene!

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Yes, BIP will air this on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. We will only see them (literally) for a short time, they are not on the full season of the show. We as viewers will get a clearer picture of what happened that day. I hope they keep it somewhat clean, but you know how that goes, whatever gets the ratings! They are saying it’s all part of the show. The show had been in production for 3 days when this took place. They didn’t want to sweep it under the rug because this is what impacted the show’s shutdown. People have preconceived notions of what it was like and what was really going on, so we will watch it and judge for ourselves. They will show what they can on network TV, you won’t see boobs. or Corinne’s Platinum Vagina lol. Well, I wonder what Corinne’s understanding boyfriend will say or do when he gets to see it on TV. He will have to remember that she claimed not to remember.

BIP Corinne and DeMario's Poolside Sex Scene!

Can’t wait to tune in and get some questions answered, will you be watching to see what really happened? Gotta love poolside sex, well censored of course!

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