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Week 7
Head of Household : Alex
Temptation Competition Winner: Mark
Temptation Competition Lowest: Matt
Nominated: Jason and Elena
POV Players: Alex, Jason, Elena, Matt, Mark and Paul.
POV Host:
POV Results:  Matt->Veto. Mark->Week Colorado vacation for 2. Paul->Shackled. Elena->$5K. Jason->Unitard. Alex->Curse
Have-Nots:  Kevin, Mark,  Paul and Jason
POV Ceremony Results:   Matt used the Veto on Jason, and Cody was nominated in Jason’s Place.
Final Nominations:  Matt, Elena, and Cody
Voted Out:



Day 1

Temptation: Kevin- wins 25K, and one elimination and one returnee
Returnee: Paul
Nominated: Christmas, Jillian and Cameron
Evicted: Cameron

Week 1
Head of Household : Cody
Nominated: Alex and Jillian
Self-Evicted: Megan
POV Players: Jillian, Raven, Jason, Matthew, Cody, Alex
Have-Nots: Ramses, Josh, Jillian
Temptation: Paul (3 weeks safety)
Curse:   Ramses
POV Host: Paul
POV Winner:   Alex
POV Ceremony Results: Alex Used POV on herself.
Final Nominations: Jillian and Christmas
Voted Out:  Jillian (8-4)

Week 2
Head of Household : Paul
Nominated: Alex and Josh
Self-Nominated: Ramses
POV Players: Elena, Matt, Paul, Ramses, Alex and Josh
Have-Nots: Cody, Jessica, Jason and Matt
Temptation: Christmas (Ring of Replacement. Switch into a POV Comp.)
Curse:   Cody, Jessica, and Jason (Frog outfit)
POV Host: Jason
POV Winner:    Paul
POV Ceremony Results: Paul Removes Josh
Final Nominations: Ramses, Alex and Cody
Voted Out: Cody (Alex 0, Ramses 3, Cody 7 )

Week 3
Head of Household :  Alex
Nominated: Jessica and Dominique
POV Players: Kevin, Jason, Christmas, Alex, Jessica and Dominique
POV Host: Paul
POV Winner:  Jason
Have-Nots: Mark, Ramses, Josh and Jason
Temptation: Jessica (Haulting Hex)
Curse:  Unkown until Week 4
POV Ceremony Results: Jason didn’t use the POV
Final Nominations: Jessica and Dominique
Voted Out: Dom (10-1)

Week 4
Head of Household : Jessica
Battle Back Winner:  Cody
Nominated: Joshua and Ramses
POV Players: Jason, Cody, Christmas, Jessica,  Joshua and Ramses
POV Host: Kevin
POV Winner:  Jessica
Have-Nots: Kevin, Mark,  Paul, and Josh
POV Ceremony Results: Jessica didn’t use the Veto
Final Nominations: Joshua and Ramses
Voted Out: Ramses (7-3)

Week 5
Head of Household : Paul
Temptation Competition Winner: Mark
Temptation Competition Lowest: Jason
Nominated: Jessica, Cody, and Jason
POV Players: Kevin, Ravin, Paul, Jessica, Cody, and Jason
POV Host: Christmas
POV Winner: Paul
Have-Nots: Elena, Christmas, Alex and Mark
POV Ceremony Results: Paul saves Jason
Final Nominations: Jessica and Cody
Voted Out: No one due to Halting Hex


Week 6
Head of Household : Josh
Temptation Competition Winner: Cody
Temptation Competition Lowest: Jessica
Nominated: Jessica, Elena and Mark
POV Players: Josh, Jessica, Mark, Elena, Alex
& Christmas  (replacing Cody ) RING OF REPLACEMENT WAS USED
POV Host:
POV Winner:  Mark
Have-Nots:  Elena
POV Ceremony Results:  Mark Removed Himself
Final Nominations:  Jessica, Elena and Raven
Voted Out:  Jessica (7),  Raven (1) ,  Elena (0)

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8 thoughts on “BB19 Spoilers


    (July 9, 2017 - 1:43 pm)

    Does anybody else think this game is rigged! Lol


    (July 9, 2017 - 1:50 pm)

    I like Cody I think he was playing the game smart until he desired he was going to put Paul up without even talking to his group.he also thinks they are in with him well not anymore!


      (July 19, 2017 - 2:43 pm)

      Paul should not come back I hate when they do this and he gets everything is that not clear they need him he wouldnt be leaving

    Deb Mort

    (July 11, 2017 - 4:00 am)

    I love Cody. Why are all of the people in the house following Paul. It’s like lambs walking to their slaughter. Not one can think for themselves. And that’s what Paul was counting on


      (August 4, 2017 - 4:23 pm)

      Agree. Game should be a level playing field for all new HGs. Paul had his chance. He needs to be evicted


    (July 11, 2017 - 11:58 am)

    I agree aul is running the house now.why can’t these people think for themselves and play there own game.I don’t know why Paul was put back in the game. So not happy about that!😠


      (July 28, 2017 - 7:39 am)

      I agree they are his puppets and he’s the puppet master! They will never get him out of that house. He’s gonna win it all!

    Barbara Brooks

    (August 3, 2017 - 1:00 am)

    It’s a reality show part true and mostly fake to keep the shows ratings up. Feeling sorry for any houseguest is a waste of time. They all deserve everything that is said about them. They are air idiot adults who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Yes they want to win the money, but the majority are hoping this will be the 1st step to being chosen for one of the many other reality shows. They are all snakes, bully’s, crybabies, and sneaky whiners. Picking a favorite or who you want to win can just cause disappointment. Sit back with a drink, have a good laugh and enjoy the circus.

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