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Week 9
Head of Household : Demetres
Nominated: Bruno and Kevin
POV Players:Demetres, Ika, Dre, William, Bruno and Kevin
Have-Nots: None
POV Host: Jackie
POV Winner: William
POV Winner: William
POV Ceremony Results: William used Secret Veto on Kevin
Final Nominations: Bruno and Karen
Voted Out:




Week 1-
Head of Household :  Karen
Nominated: Mark and Demetres
POV Players: Karen, Demetres, Mark, Bruno, Kevin, Ika
POV Host: Dillon
POV Winner:  Bruno
POV Ceremony Results: Veto Not Used
Final Nominations: Mark and Demetres
Voted Out: Mark (7-6)

Week 2-
Head of Household : Demetres
Nominated: Dillon and Emily
POV Players:Dillon, Emily, Demetres,  Neda, Karen, Dre.
Have-Nots: Sindy, Ika, Cass, Emily
POV Host: Dallas
POV Winner:   Dillon
POV Ceremony Results: Dillon Used it on Himself
Final Nominations: Dallas and Emily
Voted Out: Dallas (12-0)

Week 3-
Head of Household : Neda

Nominated: Cass and Jackie
POV Players: Neda, Cassandra, Jackie, Emily, Ika and William
Have-Nots: Demetres, William, Bruno, Cass
POV Host: Sindy
POV Winner: William
POV Ceremony Results: William didn’t use the Veto
Final Nominations:  Cass and Jackie
Voted Out: Cassandra (11-0)

Week 4- Backwards week
Nominated:  Dre & Gary (House Vote)
POV Players: Dre, Gary, Neda, Emily, Kevin, and William
Have-Nots: Bruno, William, Emily, & Demetres
POV Host: Bruno
POV Winner: Neda
POV Ceremony Results: Neda Did Not Use the Veto
Final Nominations: Dre & Gary
Head of Household :  Demetres (Sole vote to Evict)
Voted Out: Gary (Demetres Sole vote to Evict)


Week 5- Double Eviction week
Head of Household :  William
Nominated: Emily and Dillon
POV Players: William, Dre, Kevin, Karen, Emily and Dillon
Have-Nots: None
POV Host: Michael Bell
POV Winner: Kevin
POV Ceremony Results: Veto Not Used
Final Nominations: Emily and Dillon
Voted Out: Emily (8-1)
Part 2 (Eviction Night)
Head of Household : Sindy
Nominated: Jackie and Dillon
POV Players: Dillon, Sindy, Jackie, Ika, Karen, Neda
POV Winner: Jackie
POV Ceremony Results: Jackie took herself off the block
Final Nominations: Neda and Dillon
Voted Out: Neda (7-1)

Week 6
Head of Household : Dillon
Nominated: Jackie and Demetres
POV Players: Dillon, Dre, Ika, William, Jackie and Demetres
Have-Nots:  Bruno, Kevin and Jackie
POV Host: Dre
POV Winner: Demetres
POV Ceremony Results: Demetres Takes Himself Off the Block
Final Nominations: Sindy and Jackie
Voted Out: Sindy (6-1)

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