Big Brother Spoilers: New Romance Alert…It’s Official!!!

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 Big Brother Spoilers: New Romance Alert...It's Official!!!

Fans have been speculating since the beginning of summer that Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel are a couple and now the cat is offically out of the bag!! That’s right – they are Big Brothers newest couple!!

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They first met during Big Brother Season 18. Nicole, who was in a showmance last summer with Corey Brooks, won the $500k grand prize!

What are some appropriate ship names for them? Maybe “El Fit Nic” or “Nictor” or “Vicole” or maybe we should keep brainstorming.

What do you think of the newest couple?

Written by Andrea

Make It So ~Andrea












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Post Author: Andrea

1 thought on “Big Brother Spoilers: New Romance Alert…It’s Official!!!


    (September 8, 2017 - 10:51 am)

    I always hoped these two would get together, for saw the chemistry in the house last season…… I remember Victor talking to someone on the live feeds about Nichole, as she walked by in the back yard… ‘that’s the type of girl you marry’……. Love them together and hope we have another Jeff & Jordon…… Good people…..:)

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