“Big Brother Rumors”: Who is returning for #BB20?!

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 "Big Brother Rumors": Who is returning for #BB20?!

BB20 spoilers revealed CBS may have asked someone from BB19 to return for the next season. Robyn Kass who is the casting director for Big Brother set the record straight on rumors of who would be returning. Kass hasn’t started calling anyone for the next summer of BB. Spoilers from a website Conversation Worthy suggested that Raven Walton was approached to return to the house.

 "Big Brother Rumors": Who is returning for #BB20?!

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They also said that CBS wants to do an all-star season, the question is Why would they ask Raven to return? She is far from an all-star!

Raven basically was in bed all season with Matt, she only got out of bed when Paul told her to bully Jess and Cody.
So why would they back a houseguest that most of America hated?

 "Big Brother Rumors": Who is returning for #BB20?!

These are just rumors, and another one on social media is that BB20 would feature showmances like Elena and Mark, Jess and Cody, Victor and Nicole and Zach and Frankie.

 "Big Brother Rumors": Who is returning for #BB20?!

 "Big Brother Rumors": Who is returning for #BB20?!

CBS knows that fans want to see a new cast with no returning players, so if they did this they would probably lose viewers.

 "Big Brother Rumors": Who is returning for #BB20?!
Kass has not started the casting process, usually, that takes place in the spring.
So do you think CBS would bring back Raven, who wasn’t a fan fave?

Are we ready for an all-star cast on BB20?

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Post Author: Rosa C

3 thoughts on ““Big Brother Rumors”: Who is returning for #BB20?!


    (October 2, 2017 - 9:50 am)

    Julie said the ratings on the all star season was so low that they don’t want to do another one. Next time they put a ringer in like Paul, they should just cut him a Cheque and take the summer off.


    (October 2, 2017 - 9:43 pm)

    I have been watching since season 1, but would be hesitant about watching another season that included Raven in the cast. I would not get the feeds – always muted when she was talking. imho, she is disgusting!

    Marzynski Karen

    (October 3, 2017 - 6:14 pm)

    No returning players! We viewers don’t need this again and again. If you want to bring anyone back, they can host a competition, but that’s all! I have watched every season and each one is getting worse. The bullying needs to stop! That is just as bad as fighting! This summer’s cast was awful, letting Paul guide them through each day by their noses. Cody was way too intense and very scary. Jessica needs to keep her radar up if she is truly going to continue a relationship. Others were sluts or simply boring to watch. Casting can do much better at finding houseguests. If not, get a new casting person!!

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