“Big Brother Canada” News: #BBCAN5 The Wait Is Over!

The eve of Big Brother Canada season 5 has finally arrived. It was revealed Monday on the ET Canada special that this season’s theme is space and time.

"Big Brother Canada” News: #BBCAN5 The Wait Is Over!

Executive Producer Erin Brock recently spoke with Global about all things #BBCAN5.

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"Big Brother Canada” News: #BBCAN5 The Wait Is Over!

“Our house this year is a space ship. The entire concept is that all the Houseguests are going to board the BBCan Odyssey and the entire premise of the season is that out in space, there are no laws when it comes to time. The idea for the theme came from the fact that we are going to take Houseguests from seasons past and give them a chance to rewrite their history against Houseguests of the present in a ship built in the future. You will see that everything that we do this season will have a play on time.”

Returning House Guests will have the chance to rewrite their Big Brother history.

"Big Brother Canada” News: #BBCAN5 The Wait Is Over!

“This is really about redemption and second chances. It is not an All-Stars season but the concept is about people who you want to see get a second chance. Gary, this is the ultimate second chance for him. He won the show but he didn’t win it. Neda, played that game for Jon and what is the one mistake she made? She fell in love. At the end of the day, he cut her. She played a flawless game that season. All of our second chance stories this year are a little different.”

Of course it won’t be easy for the returning Houseguests. With a newbie who is Canada’s reigning heavyweight boxing champion, Dillon ‘Big Country’ Carman looking to take home the grand prize, this season looks to be the most challenging yet.

"Big Brother Canada” News: #BBCAN5 The Wait Is Over!

“Dillon is a huge super fan of the show. He watches the show every year. He could talk about every nuanced thing that has happened on Big Brother Canada. He absolutely loves the game. He loves the show and has desperately wanted to be on the show. He auditioned like everyone else. He applied. We didn’t go after him. He came to us and I am so excited to see what he does inside the house,” said Brock.

Dillon is not the only newbie the returning players have to worry about. This season’s House Guests are a mix of thoughtful and savvy gamers, each bringing something new and different to the series.

"Big Brother Canada” News: #BBCAN5 The Wait Is Over!

“I think there is some extremely interesting people. There are some characters we have never had before. There is a young guy from Quebec, a French-Canadian guy who believes it is better to be French-Canadian than English-Canadian. We have never had that. It is kind of an interesting thing. There is also a French-Canadian girl who is super smart, super sassy girl from Montreal. She is a masters’ student and she is highly intellectual. She has the opposite opinion as he does. It will be interesting to see what happens.”

Some might believe that the veterans might have an advantage over the newbies but Erin points out that Big Brother’s theme is to “Expect the Unexpected” and being a veteran or a super fan is not always a benefit in a game where the house can change from week to week.

“I don’t think it is an advantage at all. Like Bruno and Kevin, they were not good buddies on their season. We purposely cast people who weren’t uber-connected outside of the show. The people we selected didn’t spend a lot of time off-screen with each other. It is easy to say they will play together and it is an unfair advantage but everything changes when you walk through those doors. You can go in with the best-laid plan in the world but nobody’s initial plan ever works out in the end.”

Just like in the past, Big Brother Canada will be interactive this year in the sense that fans having an impact on the game in various ways. Fans will also be getting access to the Houseguests with ‘After the Eviction Live’ which will be a weekly Facebook Live chat featuring an extended evicted houseguest interview every Thursday night. After the live eviction, fans can join the conversation by heading to the ‘Big Brother Canada’ Facebook page.

"Big Brother Canada” News: #BBCAN5 The Wait Is Over!

“We really feel that our approach here is that we cannot be complacent in what we do. It is go big or go home. That is how the entire team here approaches the show.”

The new season of “Big Brother Canada’ premieres TOMORROW night on Global.

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