“Big Brother Canada” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Dallas Cormier

Cammy: Hello Dallas! First question. We saw a lot of vets returning this season is there anyone you wanted to see and didn’t.

Dallas: Yeah I was hoping to see Loveita Adams because her and I are the closest outside the house and I felt we could have brought that bond inside the house. I could have used her for a vote. It probably would have been a little fishy with her in the house, but I could have used her vote.

"Big Brother Canada" News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Dallas Cormier

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Cammy: Next Question. Was there any kind of secrets that you think inside or outside the house that you were not included on?

Dallas: I think the viewers, if they have the feeds,  get a good grasp because the feed watchers know more about the game than I do inside. The house alliances that were in the house, I exposed before I left. I was in a wise guy alliance with Kevin, Mark, Bruno, myself and Dillion. There’s 5 people I really trusted in the game. They were Ika, Gary, Jackie, Will and Dre . I told them everything I knew before leaving and told them to put up Kevin and Bruno because they working together and they are both very good at the game. They can win comps and they have a good social game and we all know Kevin is a numbers guy and he plays poker and very strategically. They also know the odds of winning this game and every situation so they are big targets. I definitely could have made it further but I played too hard too fast.

Cammy: Last Question. What prompted you to feel it necessary to call out Sindy in your speech when you were getting voted out?

"Big Brother Canada" News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Dallas Cormier

Dallas: Okay so this is how it went down. In week one there was a deal with me and Mark and Karen and Sindy with an ‘S’ and had a big thing to do with Mark going home. Demetres came to me a half hour before POV ceremony and said I was not going up on the block, he was putting Jackie and I say hey man this won’t go unnoticed you have my loyalty. Sindy was having a conversation with Demetres in HOH.  I walked in on it and I stay a couple seconds then left and 5 mins later Demetres comes and says to me I’m going up on the block. That Demetres talked to a few people and they said it was sketchy for Dallas not to go up on the block. So that had to be Sindy that told him to put me up and she’s having others to do the dirty work for her and I wanted to expose that to the whole house and expose her game the best I can. She’s going around being ‘Miss La De Da’ and acting all sweet and innocent, but really she’s having others do her dirty work .

Cammy: Thank you, Dallas, for being on the show and it was great to see you again on our tv!

Transcribed by Michelle F
Edited by Heidi

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