“Big Brother Canada” Can Fans Save The Show?

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Fans of Big Brother Canada are hoping to save the reality TV show from cancellation.


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Fans across the globe hopped on social media to show their support for the show after host Arisa Cox confirmed the Canadian edition of the reality franchise is on hiatus.


"Big Brother Canada" Can Fans Save The Show?


Big Brother Canada is not officially cancelled, but being put on hiatus is usually the first step toward the end of a series.


‘Canadian Idol’ was put on hiatus after six seasons and was never brought back.


Fans were quick to react to the ‘Big Brother Canada’ news with an online petition, and posts on Facebook and Twitter urging Global reconsider its decision.


"Big Brother Canada" Can Fans Save The Show?


Past Big Brother house guests, from both Canada and the US, have also dove into the conversation.


"Big Brother Canada" Can Fans Save The Show?"Big Brother Canada" Can Fans Save The Show?


A representative for Global TV confirmed the series is on hiatus and said that further details would be “announced at a later date.”


What to help? Sign the petition here: Use Your Power of Veto to Save Big Brother Canada


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