“Big Brother Canada 5” Recap: BBCAN5 Week 2

BBCAN5 s03e03 3-20-17

In this week’s Head of Household competition, Two at a time will kick a soccer ball a giant wall with different point values. The houseguest with the highest point value will advance to the final round. In the final round, the seven remaining houseguests that advanced will kick solo. The one houseguest with the highest value will be named Head of Household. In the HOH competition, it was down to Demetres and Gry. Demetres scored the winning number and was crowned the Second HOH of the season.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Demetres nominated two first-time players Dillion and Emily to be on the block.

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BBCAN5 s03e04 3-22-17

For this week’s Power of Veto competition, Demetres, Dillion, and Emily along with Cassandra, Neda, and Ika competed in a Veto competition inspired by OREO. In the competition, houseguests must run to a giant bowl of milk and soak up as much milk as they can with their cookie suit and fill their jar up. The first houseguest to do so will win the Power of Veto and $5,000. In the competition, Dillion milked it for all it’s worth as he won the Power of Veto.

During the Veto Ceremony, Dallas called Dillion out promising that he will take him out. After Dallas’s speech, Dillion used the Veto on himself. As Head of Household, Demetres selected Dallas as the replacement nominee.

BBCAN5 s03e05 3-23-17

In a task put together by Big Brother, the houseguests were split into 7 teams of two. One person would be the taster and the other would be the person trying to guess the smell. The duo who guesses the most smells would receive a special dinner.

During the live eviction, Dallas was evicted with a unanimous vote of 12-0. During the week, houseguests showed off their acting abilities while remembering key details about the set. In the HOH competition, houseguests must answer True/False questions about what they remember about the set. The last houseguest standing will be the next Head of Household.

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