“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Mark Chrysler

Cammy: Hi Mark, how are you?

Mark: I’m doing good how about you.

Cammy: I’m doing good. Okay first question: If when you exited the house, Big Brother said to you, “Okay we are going to let you back in, and you get to choose one houseguest to take your place.” Who would it be?

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Mark: Oh, you know what, that’s tough, I’d love to say Karen because she’s the one who got me out, but at the same time it’s smart to take a big player out. And I wouldn’t even take out Ika or Gary. You know what I would take Ika out just because I really feel like her and Gary are running this game and to have her out of the house would be a huge impact in BBCAN 5.

"Big Brother CA" News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Mark Chrysler

Cammy: Okay, next question: Why do you think, of all the houseguests, you were put on the block for the first time?

Mark: Well, Karen made it well known that she wanted to go after very strong players. Um, she wanted to essentially make her mark for BBCAN 5 and make it known that she was ready to play. I kind of figured that if she wanted to make a big impact that she would put up…yeah, I would see males, but maybe male veterans and not new houseguests such as herself. Um, but do you know what? I feel like she played a big hand but she wanted to keep it safe at the same time and that’s why Demetri and I were put on the block at the same time. And you know what? She was gunning for me ever since day two/ day three and uh she succeeded cause, yeah, I’m sitting outside the house.

Cammy: Right. Okay, last question Mark. Who do you think has the best chance of winning the game and is that person also someone you want to win the game?

"Big Brother CA" News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Mark Chrysler

Mark: Do you know what? I really think Kevin has a really good shot at winning this and I’m really rooting for him. We really built an alliance of him and I to go really far in this game. Um, he’s playing it really smart, especially in this really hectic week. You know I didn’t hear one person throw his name out. He can do very well in both physical and mental challenges, but as for social game he lines up really well with the guys and at the same time staying under the radar and making friends with the girls as well. I would be very surprised if he was to be leaving anytime soon. I can definitely see him winning it.

Cammy: Well thanks for talking to us Mark and thank you for talking to your friends at Getreallol.com

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