“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Gary Levy

Gary: Hi.

Cam: How are you?

Gary: I’m doing good. It’s okay…ugh!
Laughs from both Gary and Cam!

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“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Gary Levy

Cam: Okay Gary, first question. Besides the vets this season, what do you think was the biggest difference between this and season 1?

Gary: Ummm, the house. I had never, I had a completely different house and I think the structure of this house is different. The walls are paper thin. There’s a lot there so that was definitely a different thing to deal with and I think also too we were in like space this time (laughs!) and before we were like in just a nice green backyard. This time we were in space and it was definitely different in ‘The Odyssey’. So I think those are probably the biggest things for me was just living in ‘The Odyssey’ and having the space cerebral thing going on. I actually felt pretty at home there cause I’m an alien!
Laughs from both Gary and Cam!

“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Gary Levy

Cam: The fans want to know, why did you vote to evict Cass?

Gary: I voted to evict Cass because there was no way that she was going to stay and I was hoping that it might be my savior. I was hoping that my vote to evict her would kind of gain some kind of favor with the house and they wouldn’t look at me as being so strongly associated with her because she like enemy number 1 for the house.

Cam: Right, makes sense. Okay, last question Gary. Were you surprised that you were the only one from your season returning?

“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Gary Levy

Gary: Ummm…I mean I wasn’t sure how the casting was working. I feel like that they decided to just pick the personalities that they did. I didn’t really think about the season thing until afterwards during these questions now. I just felt like they just picked, you know, the people that they wanted and everything kind worked out the way it did. I don’t think it was like a seasonal thing.

Cam: Right. Alright thanks, Gary. Loved seeing you on our tv’s!

Gary: Oh, thank you!

“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Gary Levy

Transcribed by Heidi

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