“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Cassandra Shahinfar

Cassandra: Hi Cam!

Cam: Hi Cass! How are you?

Cass: I’m great. How are you?

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Cam: I’m good, honey, I’m good. Okay, first question. Initially when you saw the other vets in the house, if you had a choice, who would you swap them out with, what other vets and why?

Cass: Umm, ah, shoot. You know I really liked all of the returning players. I liked them on their team once I got to know them, but, ugh, if I would of swapped out, Sindy with an ‘S’. Just cause I didn’t find her that strategic,and I really wanted to play with strategic players, but you know at the end of it I knew at the end Sindy was actually one of the nice players. I really did get along with Sindy. I would of swapped her out with Sarah Hamlin, who won season 3. I love Sarah. When I met her on the outside, she was just so down to earth, so nice and I think we really would of worked well together. So, I wish she was in there with the rest of us returners.

“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Cassandra Shahinfar

Cam: I liked her too! Okay great. Next question. A lot of Get Real’s fans want to know you still have a strong relationship with Tim?

Cass: Umm, yeah, with Tim & me will always be good friends. Like we shared a lot of our season together and played it together. I hope he rooted me on or I hope he was. I don’t know. I’m sure he got a kick out of me being evicted, but, you know I talk to him every so often and I would love to get down to Australia, then just have a visit with him and his boyfriend.

Cam: If when you walked out when you were evicted, Big Brother said to you were going to send you back in, pick 1 player to swap places with you and come out here and be evicted, who would it be?

“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Cassandra Shahinfar

Cass: Well I can’t say no to many. So it would of been Bruno.

Cam: Bruno, okay.

Cass: Yeah Bruno. I just, he was out for me from the beginning and never wanted to work with me. Umm, I don’t know if Bruno had already aligned with Kevin and Neda. I just wasn’t jiving with their mix. I think he had to recognize I caught onto who he was with. Like it’s very easy, it was very easy for me to get a read on Bruno too and when I thought I was working work with him and bring things up he would shut it down. He wasn’t honest with me. So yeah, it would definitely be him.

“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Cassandra Shahinfar

Cam: Okay, last question. Which was worst, the soccer comp , knowing your dad is good or the mostly young and reckless, knowing it’s one of your favorite shows?

Cass: Ah…ha ha ha. Omg…you know me so well. I love it. Ok, I loved the young and the reckless comp because I’d love to be a movie star. So, my least favorite was definitely the soccer comp. Like I didn’t play sports as a child. Like was not very coordinated or good at doing sporty things. That was definitely my least favorite.

Cam: Alright, thanks Cass for joining us and we loved seeing you again.

Cass: Oh, thank you. I’m so glad you guys were watching and supporting me. I wish I could have got, you know like further, but I had fun while I was in there.

Cam: Alright, good luck to you.

Cass: Thank you to you too.

Cam: Thank you for talking with us.

“Big Brother CA” News: #BBCAN5 Interview with Cassandra Shahinfar

Transcribed by Heidi

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