Big Brother Alum Britney Haynes Welcomes her THIRD daughter!

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Britney never made it to the finals on either season but she won the hearts of millions of people. She played a good game, keeping us all on the edge of our seats with her amazing personality and strategies. We were so happy when the former Big Brother beauty Britney announced she had just had her third baby.

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The reality star posted photos on her Instagram account on January 16th to share the first snapshot of her new baby girl, although she did not release her name. Britney’s announcement has taken her followers by surprise, many of them commenting saying they didn’t even know she was expecting again. Britney’s first daughter Tilly is one of the most adorable little girls but has had a pretty rough life, Tilly was diagnosed with cancer shortly after birth. The good new’s is that the chemotherapy seems to have worked and she will have a full recovery and live a long life. We’re sure having wonderful parents like Britney and her high-school sweetheart (husband) Ryan help. Britney Haynes named second daughter Minnie Elizabeth.  No news yet on the new baby’s name.

Britney Haynes was a houseguest on Big Brother 12 (US) and Big Brother 14 (US).

Britney is memorable for her close friendships with Monet Stunson, Lane Elenburg and Ragan Fox and for her rivalry with Rachel and Brendon. She is also noted for being the last woman standing in BB12, helping the Brigade alliance, and for returning for BB14 as a Coach. She helped the Quack Pack, until after a shocking turn of events, Britney was backdoored out of the game, placing 8th and falling victim to another blindside.

Congrats to Britney and her adorable little family. Tilly and Minnie are  going to be an awesome big sisters.

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