“Big Brother 19″News: What Does Steve Moses Say About The New Houseguests?!

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‘Big Brother’ season 17 winner Steve Moses spoke with Kassting INC.’s, Christopher Catalano, in regards to the way the houseguests are selected this year and previous years. According to Steve there are several different casting activities that potential houseguests can participate in.


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"Big Brother 19"News: What Does Steve Moses Say About The New Houseguests?!Christopher Catalano


Steve was asked to attend the CBS casting call where he was asked to speak for 2 min. In addition, there are regular casting calls where you would speak to the Kassting INC. representatives. Steve has also revealed that some houseguests who are classified, will be tapped by someone from the casting agency.


"Big Brother 19"News: What Does Steve Moses Say About The New Houseguests?!


Meg from Big Brother 17 was a recruit. The producers had a meal at Meg’s restaurant where she was working, and immediately noticed her style. That is when they asked if she was interested in joining the Big Brother TV show. Steve and Meg were close all season but she didn’t make it to the end. Laverne Cox “orange is the new black” star was also recruited to join in Big Brothers season 9. Steve says that Cox was chosen to become one of the Semi-Finalists but she never made it to the end either.


"Big Brother 19"News: What Does Steve Moses Say About The New Houseguests?!


After the casting calls are done, the selected contestants have a chance to speak to Kassting INC. Via Skype messenger, but Steve says that a call from Kassting does not guarantee that you will actually be in the show. Steve revealed that the final call announcing their involvement in the upcoming season will take place a few days after the final day of submission. Those who have submitted their bio and other information much earlier will have to wait up to three months for any news. You must submit your application during the final three days in order to get a call sooner.


Big Brother season 19 will be airing three times a week starting on June 28th at 8pm on CBS.



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