“Big Brother 19” Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Bitch Slapping His Way to $500k!

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"Big Brother 19" Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Bitch Slapping His Way to $500k!

Bullying isn’t missing from this Big Brother season that’s for sure. Many would argue that Paul has largely been the mastermind behind all of the bullying this season. Now it looks like he finally pulled the string and decided to do some of his own bullying.

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After evictions Josh was visibly upset and showing emotion didn’t sit well with Paul, and he decided that Josh needed a little wake up slap, a bitch slap if you will. Fans of Big Brother are being heard all over, many calling for Paul’s immediate removal for physically touching another player. However, it seems Paul and Josh aren’t new to this game of pushing the BB rule limits. They have been told on more than one occasion by Production to stop horsing around and keep their hands to themselves.

The other question so many fans are asking, is HOW is Paul still in this game? Well that slap may have sealed his fate, Josh may decide to make a BIG move. However, that big move could cost him his friendship with his girl Christmas. Is this final 3 about to fall apart?

"Big Brother 19" Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Bitch Slapping His Way to $500k!

Can’t wait to see what this week of Josh’s HOH brings to the house. As Julie Chen says, Expected the Unexpected. What are your thoughts on this slap? Do you think Josh will pull the trigger on Paul?

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