“Big Brother 19” Spoilers: Julie Chen Teases All Houseguests will Be Previous Winners!!

‘Big Brother 19’ just began casting and the rumor mill is already spinning ferociously. Among the #BB19 cast rumors are that it will be an All-Stars season. Even Julie Chen has been hinting at a potential All-Star season for a while.


She told Entertainment Weekly, “I have been actually pushing for an All-Star season in that it’s beyond ‘all-star.’ It’s the cream of the crop. It’s the winner from each season to compete. So, it’s the ‘Winner’s Circle.’ And I’m talking back to season one, Eddie McGee. I mean all the way back!”

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“Big Brother 19” Rumors: It's Not Even Summer and There Is Already So Much Speculation!


Would it be a bad idea for the #BB19 cast to be All-Stars? There have been a lot of complaints on social media that fans are getting tired of seeing familiar faces return as houseguests. Jason Roy just returned as a houseguest on ‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ and during ‘Big Brother 18’, four former houseguests returned. Jason finished second in ‘Over The Top’, and Nicole Franzel, who was also a returnee, was crowned the winner of ‘Big Brother 18’.


There are other ‘Big Brother 19’ rumors that could certainly provide for an interesting season. On Valentine’s Day this year, Julie Chen posted a collage of showmances. It caused fans to go crazy and speculate about how a season of couples could make for an interesting concept. Having couples make up the entire #BB19 cast would have so much potential for drama.


“Big Brother 19” Rumors: It's Not Even Summer and There Is Already So Much Speculation!


What do you think this summer’s theme will be? Find out when ‘Big Brother 19’ premieres on Wednesday, June 28, 2017.


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