Big Brother 19′ Rumors: Will We Get A Cast of All Newbies?!?!

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Big Brother 19 is coming up in 19 days. All the fans are biting at the bit to find out any information about the new season. All we have gotten so far is gossip and hearsay. However tonight a twitter account put out an interesting set of tweets. First they put out a tweet that they had confirmation that the new season would be all newbies; something many fans desire greatly.

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Then they tweeted out that there would be a twist, and they could divulge more information after sequester begins.


This same account correctly tweeted about returning players last year.


This news was greeted warmly by most fans.

But also left many unanswered questions, the biggest being will reality TV stars from other reality shows cross over to big brother this season.

It is assumed that Julie will give fans a house tour early next week.

Big Brother returns on June 28th on CBS. Live feeds will begin on June 30th on CBS All Access.  And BAD returns to POP TV on June 29th.


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