Big Brother 19 Rumors: Is Cody Going To Self Evict If Jessica Leaves The House?!

Big Brother 19 Rumors: Is Cody Going To Self Evict If Jessica Leaves The House?!

With the game at the halfway point, houseguests’ gameplay has really intensified as $500,000 is on the line. Last week, BB19 Showmance couple Cody and Jessica were on the block. But, on eviction night Jessica used her Halting Hex Temptation stopping the eviction saving both nominees. Josh became the next Head of Household. As HOH, he nominated Elena and Mark. In the Temptation Competition, Cody earned immunity for the week by coming in first place. In the last place was Jessica. By coming, at last, she became a special third nominee.

In the Power of Veto player selection, Codys’ name was drawn for the Power of Veto. However, in a turn of events, Christmas chose to use her temptation to take Cody out of the game and Christmas to replace him. Knowing that he can’t save Jessica from being evicted, Cody felt devastated. Then, on the CBS live feeds Cody told Jessica that he would self-evict if Jessica left. Then several hours later, Jessica gave Cody some advice on how to play the game. Here is what went down:

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