“Big Brother 19” Rumors: BB19 To Feature 4 Already Famous Reality TV Stars?!

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In just over three weeks, ‘Big Brother’ will return to CBS and it won’t be long before a cast announcement is made. Big Brother 19 will premiere on June 28, and the live feeds will be turned on June 29 at midnight.


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One of the biggest rumors circling social media is that 4 well-known reality TV stars will appear on BB19.


Big Brother production tries to keep casting under wraps. That being said, every year someone leaks casting information before CBS has the chance to announce the cast. There have been so many rumors about the season, and hopefully in two weeks, we all find out who will be on the show.


The rumors have been as follows; first, it was going to be a second chances theme. Then, it was All-Stars 2. The latest rumor is it’s 12 new people paired with 4 well-known reality stars.


According to Twitter, CBS has cast 4 well-known reality TV stars in the upcoming season. For the past few weeks, it has been rumored that ‘Survivor’ legends Cirie Fields and Russell Hantz will be joining the cast. Recently, Brooke Camhi from ‘Amazing Race’ teased that her fans would see her again. Many fans believe that was a hint that she would be on the upcoming season of Big Brother. Cody Dunlap, who appeared on ‘Stranded with a Million Dollars’, has openly stated that he has applied to be on Big Brother. To top it all off, there have been rumors that ‘Survivor’ hunks Malcolm Freberg and Ozzy Lusth could have been asked to give Big Brother a try.


"Big Brother 19" Rumors: BB19 To Feature 4 Already Famous Reality TV Stars?!


Michelle Meyer, who appeared on Big Brother 18, has a history of creating “fake” spoilers, posting them on social media and trying to pass them off as an inside scoop. A few days ago, Meyer posted to Reddit, stating that All-Stars 2 was not in the cards for Big Brother.



Many ‘Big Brother’ fans weren’t sure they could believe her since just a few months ago, she tweeted FAKE ‘Big Brother Canada 5’ spoilers and swore they were the real deal.


"Big Brother 19" Rumors: BB19 To Feature 4 Already Famous Reality TV Stars?!


The last few years, BB has cast 12 NEW players and 4 RETURNING players. So assuming that they would follow the same format isn’t too far-fetched. Plus, that seems to align perfectly with the inside scoop stating that 12 new players will be paired with well-known reality TV stars.


Last year, the BB18 cast reveal was on June 14 with the season premiere on June 22. Based on last year’s timeline, fans are expecting to see a cast announcement on June 20.


The thought of seeing ‘Survivor’, ‘The Amazing Race’, and ‘Stranded with a Million Dollar’ cast is exciting for many fans. So far they are only rumors, but the inside source promises to leak the names of the reality TV vets in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!



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