‘Big Brother 19’ News: What Fans Want To See This Season!

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With BB19 almost here. Fans are wondering what new twists will be coming? Will there be cast twists like returning players, siblings playing the game as one person? Are extra competitions like Battle of the Block, Road Kill or Battle Back coming back?


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For now we’ll have to wait to see what Big Brother has up his sleeve. While we wait, here are five things I hope to see from Big Brother 19.


1. No Returning Players (Well Kind Of)


What if we had a season of 1st evicted houseguests? Yes, they are returnees, but they aren’t familiar. Some of them we never even got to see on the feeds. I think it would be an interesting concept and it would definitely be something new.


'Big Brother 19' News: What Fans Want To See This Season!


2. A More Diverse Cast


I know I can’t be the only one who is sick and tired of seeing thin, model types on the show. Or how about casting more men and women of color and/or different ethnicity? Also, why is everyone under the age of 30? It’s getting stale.


I want a cast that is made up of eight 18-30 year olds and eight 30+ year olds. I want a cast that has more than 2 people of color/different ethnicity. Imagine the drama and conversations if a the cast was more diverse. It would be gold.


'Big Brother 19' News: What Fans Want To See This Season!


3. Strong Female Players


Since season 10, six men have won Big Brother and only three woman have walked away winners.


That is what we want to see: smart, strong, capable women who don’t need to rely on a showmance to drag them to the end. We need more Vanessas, Janelles, Danis and Rachels. The show needs strong women, especially after a season that, despite being won by a woman, was all about Paulie, Victor, Paul and James.


'Big Brother 19' News: What Fans Want To See This Season!


4. More BBCAN-Style Competitions


Big Brother Canada has been far superior when it comes to competitions. For 5 seasons the production team has pulled out all the stops when it comes to the competitions – AND IT’S GLORIOUS!! BBUS could definitely learned a thing or two from BBCAN and I think all the fans would appreciate it.


'Big Brother 19' News: What Fans Want To See This Season!


5. Live Diary Rooms


Big Brother can also learn a thing or two from Big Brother Over The Top. Last fall during OTT the show featured live diary rooms, where twice a week one of the live feed cameras would show the diary room as each HG got a chance to answer questions and explain their game. Even if this only happened once a week, it would bring a lot of insight to live feeders.


'Big Brother 19' News: What Fans Want To See This Season!


Big Brother 19 begins with a two-night premiere, starting Wednesday, June 28 and continues following night. The live feeds will launch Thursday, June 29 at 10pm PST and 1am EST.


Written by Andrea

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