“Big Brother 19′ News: Should Christmas Be Canceled?

"Big Brother 19' News: Should Christmas Be Canceled?

There have been rumors that houseguests are getting irritated with Christmas, she seems to be making her rounds and giving her opinion on things that weren’t asked of her. Paul was a little perturbed at her after she told him that he needs to stop brushing his beard. We all know Paul is proud of his beard and he takes care of it by brushing it. He told Christmas that it’s curly and won’t look good if it’s not taken care of, FYI Paul it doesn’t look good, I say shave some of it off.

"Big Brother 19' News: Should Christmas Be Canceled?

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Paul knows and has made it clear that the first couple of weeks in the house people pretend to be nice, but after they are adjusted in the house their true colors come out. He has said that he thinks Christmas is showing her real self now. So is she a bully that people are saying she is? Kevin has said it could be her medication, she is on strong pain meds and drugs can change people.

"Big Brother 19' News: Should Christmas Be Canceled?

People are thinking that Christmas is a potential problem in the game now. Is she pushing people’s buttons and alienating herself with the comments she makes? It seems Paul and Christmas have a good relationship in the game, so will he sit her down and tell her to knock it off or else? He might have to do that soon before the damage is done to her social game and we say bye bye to Christmas!

"Big Brother 19' News: Should Christmas Be Canceled?

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"Big Brother 19' News: Should Christmas Be Canceled?

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