“Big Brother 19” News: Julie on Bullying On Big Brother; How Far Is Too Far?!

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"Big Brother 19" News: Julie on Bullying On Big Brother; How Far Is Too Far?!

Bullying. It’s been an issue in The Big Brother house this summer. Fans have seen some pretty nasty stuff this season but it hasn’t been enough for production to step in.

Julie Chen talked about its bullying issues on The Talk. The statement revealed that the show is not going to step in until they absolutely have to.

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“I think there are summers in the past where the behavior has been worse. Part of the game is that we don’t interfere with what’s happening. Anyone who we feel like is getting bullied, they don’t necessarily feel like it; they’re just living Big Brother. If they’re in the Diary Room saying, ‘I can’t take it, this is abuse,’ that’s a different thing. No one has come forward and said that.”


Julie isn’t wrong; seasons like BB6, BB9 and BB15 (to name a few) had much nastier houseguests who said also said terrible, terrible things. Another example is during BB8 Evel Dick was no saint. He went out of his way to antagonize his houseguestst and he is one of the most popular HGs out there! (Yes, Evel wasn’t as bad as the BB19 cast but he was still considered a “bully”). Production didn’t step in during any of these seasons for “bullying”.

So do you think production should have stepped in this season? Or should production just let play out and wait for the houseguests to come forward?

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Post Author: Andrea

3 thoughts on ““Big Brother 19” News: Julie on Bullying On Big Brother; How Far Is Too Far?!

    Sharon Bakies

    (September 8, 2017 - 8:30 am)

    What a cop out, so if a child is being bullied don’t step in unless they complain, what a good example. (Sarcasm)

    danielle savage

    (September 9, 2017 - 5:26 am)

    this is wrong !!! evil dick did not bully anyone he put a target on his back so ppl would vote him out instead of his daughter ,do you ppl watch the show nothing like this season of mob mentality

    danielle savage

    (September 9, 2017 - 5:29 am)

    Big Brother cheated this season giving paul the most advantages in BB history so unfair ,, this season was not played on a level field and everyone knows it was done for pauls benefit

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