Big Brother 19 #BB19 Breaking News: Is The Battle Back Returning This Season?

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Big Brother Houseguests have been dropping like flies, but could we to see someone “Battle Back” week after next?

Looking forward at the schedule on the CBS app, because it isn’t on the main CBS website, you can see an extra show for Big Brother on Friday, July 21st. Wow!

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That would be  the same method the series used last year when the first 5 Houseguests competed for a chance to get back in the game. In that situation Victor won his way back into the house.


If they did do it June 21st, there would be four houseguest competing. Cameron, who went out on night one. Jillian who left last night. And the next two evictees on June 13th and 20th. They won’t let Megan compete because she quit the show.

On the live feeds last night, it looked like Paul was setting up his big Backdoor plan to get Cody out. What if Cody goes and then wins his way back in? Oh, wow! Sparks could fly and feeds would be hot!

What do you think of this likely twist? Is that what Big Brother is up to or will they attempt something different this season? With Cameron remaining MIA, it does appear to fit.

If it’s Cameron, Jillian, Cody (If Paul triumphs in the implementation of his plan), and one more spot facing off ,then who do you think will win his or her way back?

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