“Big Brother 18” News: WOW! James Huling has “Storytime” Reading Natalie Negrotti’s Texts on When and How She Cheated!

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Forget watching your favorite soap opera or past Big Brother. The real drama is happening on James Huling’s periscope account! James is spilling ALL the tea about his former girlfriend, Natalie Negrotti. Get Real LOL has previously reported about the former couples tumultuous break up.
‘Big Brother 18’ News: Uh-oh Jatalie Breakup Turns Nasty!


“Big Brother 18” News: James Huling Goes Live to EXPOSE Ex-Girlfriend Natalie Negrotti!

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In his most recent periscope, James said he might have a weekly broadcast to let the world know
What kind of person Natalie really is and all about how she cheated on him. James pulled out a book with the title “Cheating 101 Skye vs Lance” and declares it’s story time. He had obviously handmade the title and attached to the cover of the book. The former Big Brother contestant then declared that it was story time. That’s right the tea was getting ready to spill. He obviously couldn’t use the real names so, he replaced them with Lance and Skye.


"Big Brother 18" News: WOW! James Huling has "Storytime" Reading Natalie Negrotti's Texts on When and How She Cheated!


James starts to read the book (alleged copies of texts between Natalie and her ex-boyfriend) and gives the date of Wednesday, November 9th at 12:06pm when they started. LOL Skye was the name allegedly stored in Natalie’s phone to disguise his ex’s name. The reading continues and so does the drama!


Apparently, the ex-contacted her first. It started with basic greetings but quickly turned into compliments and when they can meet up. Natalie asked if he still had a girlfriend and he answered yes, they are living together. He then asked the same of her and she responds yes, she has a boyfriend.


Our story time ends because James decides that he will be spreading the tea little by little (tease!) He also went on to say that his charity is being attacked by “certain people” from him speaking out. I took from it that if that doesn’t stop, along with attacking his daughter, James would continue “story time” and it would only get juicier! Oops I mean worse.


We will continue to report on “Story time” for you, as long as James does!


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