‘Big Brother 18’ News: Uh-oh Jatalie Breakup Turns Nasty!

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James and Natalie from “Big Brother 18” broke up several months ago. But it wasn’t until recently, that we learned what led to their split. An inside source posted on Tumblr and revealed all the details about their nasty breakup.

According to ‘Brass Tackz’ on Tumblr, Natalie never even liked James, she was only using him. After Big Brother 18 ended things looked like they were going great between them.

But according to the post, things between them started going downhill fast when James visited her in New Jersey for her halftime performance. Apparently, she was on her phone the whole time, which lead to James wondering who she was texting.

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'Big Brother 18' News: Uh-oh Jatalie Breakup Turns Nasty!

James decided to go through her phone and he discovered that she was talking to her ex-boyfriend (the one who she admitted she wasn’t completely over while in the BB house). And apparently, it wasn’t just chit chat either.

Later Natalie took James and Bridgette (another BB18 houseguest) to a Knicks game. It came out that Natalie’s ex-boyfriend works for the team. He even went with them to the game, and no one bothered to tell James that he was the ex-boyfriend that Natalie was still in love with.

James picked up on a few clues that Natalie wasn’t being honest with him and he concluded that she was cheating on him. James asked Natalie to take him to the airport so he could go home. Once at the airport, Huling broke up with her.

After a while the two talked out their differences and decided to get back together. They spent time together in South Carolina and seemed to get along great.

But that didn’t last long. Reportedly Natalie flipped out after she learned that James went through her phone. She decided to end their relationship, saying that if he doesn’t trust her, they have nothing.

After that, apparently, Natalie warned James to stay quiet about their breakup and her alleged cheating. She was worried it would ruin her family’s Christmas. James still had feelings for her, so he went along with her outrageous demands. James spent two weeks with Natalie, and her family, over Christmas. They weren’t dating anymore, but Natalie was terrified of the backlash she would face from the Big Brother fandom.

'Big Brother 18' News: Uh-oh Jatalie Breakup Turns Nasty!

They did briefly get back together for the 3rd and final time while in Detroit for the ‘Bullies Reality’ event. Natalie also apparently forced James to do a paid birthday party in Florida. After that he didn’t felt good about their relationship and decided to end things for good. James posted to Instagram that they broke up, stating that he will always be Natalie’s friend.

'Big Brother 18' News: Uh-oh Jatalie Breakup Turns Nasty!

Additionally, James created a GoFundMe account to benefit Natalie’s destitute family in Venezuela. James gave Natalie the money and that was the last anyone heard about it. Apparently anytime a fan would inquire about the money Natalie wouldn’t respond and simply block the person asking.
'Big Brother 18' News: Uh-oh Jatalie Breakup Turns Nasty!

Now the conclusion has been made that once James gave her the money she used it to start a business selling chokers.

'Big Brother 18' News: Uh-oh Jatalie Breakup Turns Nasty!

They have blocked each other on all social media, and they haven’t spoken to each other since all the spun out of control.

Are you surprised to hear that Natalie was just using James the whole time?

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    who care! both are super nice people. So it just turn out they are not meant to be together.

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