“Big Brother 18” News: James Huling Goes Live to EXPOSE Ex-Girlfriend Natalie Negrotti!

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Former Big Brother houseguest James Huling has been pretty silent about his break up with fellow houseguest Natalie Negrotti. But now that silence has been broken! He can no longer stay quiet about the rumors circulating on social media and decided to come clean about what allegedly led to their split.


A few weeks ago, we reported that Natalie cheated on James and forced him to pretend they were a couple for months after they broke up. Read more here: http://iclick-tv.com/big-brother-18-news-uh-oh-jatalie-breakup-turns-nasty/

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Natalie said these claims were untrue and the Big Brother community was divided on how they felt about the allegations.








According to James’ Periscope,  the couple broke up “a very long time ago.” James had promised that he would protect Natalie against the BB18 fans, but, after he received a letter from her attorney ordering him to “cease and desist,” he refuses to be silent anymore.



James claims that “this person” most likely cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, who works for the Knicks. He also confirmed that things with them were shaky from the very beginning. He remembers when they got out of the Big Brother house how she would “make up excuses” not to spend time with him.


James also made allegations was that Natalie said he stole pictures off her phone and released them to social media. James doesn’t seem like the type of person that would go out of his way to hurt anyone. Yet, Natalie supposedly accused him of creating troll accounts to harass her online.



James made it clear in his Periscope video that he never created troll accounts and never harassed/cyberbullied Natalie. He added that he doesn’t have time to troll Natalie on Twitter because he is busy fishing and camping with his friends.



In the video, James gave Natalie a piece of good advice. He said that she is a public figure and sometimes when you are well known, people will say things about you that may or may not be true. And, as a “public person” you have to learn to ignore them. However, at the same time, he can’t help feeling hurt and offended that she would send him a cease and desist letter accusing him of cyberbullying her.


Natalie claims all the allegations against her are not true. Natalie’s representatives have said everything stated in the Tumblr blog was untrue. And at this point this is all a he said/she said game, and no one knows for sure who’s telling the truth!



James ended his chat by saying that this has spiraled out of control and things have gotten “really ugly” between them. Will they ever patch thing up and become friends again? James says that the Big Brother fans shouldn’t count on it.

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