“Below Deck”: Are You a Cool Bean?

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"Below Deck": Are You a Cool Bean?

Last week on Below Deck we met the new bosun – EJ Janson. Another Canadian on board! EJ is from Vancouver Island and has significant experience with yachts. Since he was a child, he has always been drawn to the yachting industry and has a supreme passion for this occupation. He loves the expression “Cool Beans” I haven’t heard this since 1991. It seems a good fit for him. He seems a chill guy who loves to educate the Yachty Greenies”.

With Nico being blindsided by Captain Lee and a huge surprise for the rest of the crew. EJ is confident he can make a change but he needs to feel out the crew first. While it was all hugs and smiles with Captain Lee and EJ. There is a fire burning below within Nico.

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Nico is unaware of how much experience EJ has. EJ even has his own website to help people coming into the yachting world, www.yachtycrew.com. Below Deck is mentioned on their website. “If you’ve seen the Below Deck TV Series, you may think you have an idea of what life is like for a yachty. The show is a media derived version of what really takes place. A real life yachty has a little more gratitude and work ethic then what the show has depicted.” Looking through the website and it is pretty awesome. It truly will help anyone who wants to get into this field.

The next episode airs tomorrow at 9pm on Bravo EST. What do you think? Will Nico listen to EJ advice and lead? Do you think Nico will be stubborn and try to smear EJ to make himself look better? In less than 24 hours, we will see.

Written by The Magical Pen of Esmeralda

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