BBCAN5 Week 1

BBCAN5 Episode 5 Airdate 3/15/17

On the Premiere episode of Big Brother 16 houseguests around the Big Brother house with one goal in mind. To be the last person standing. But as always, Big Brother likes to pull a few twists up their sleeve. But back to that in a minute. Le’ts talk about the house and theme for the season. This season the 16 houseguests will be boarding the BB Odyssey. A galactic battle will take place for the upcoming weeks.

As for the houseguests, it will be eight brand new players going up against eight-second chance houseguests. Here are the houseguests:

NameAge on entryOccupationResidence
Demetres Giannitsos25Oil field instrument technicianEdson, Alberta
Dillon Carman30Professional boxerMadoc, Ontario
Andre “Dre” Gwenaelle25Masters studentMontreal, Quebec
Emily Hawkin23Musician & serverToronto, Ontario
Jackie McCurrach22Professional pizza makerPort Coquitlam, British Columbia
Karen Singbeil53Real estate brokerVictoria, British Columbia (originally from United States)[6]
Mark Chrysler24BartenderEdmonton, Alberta
William Laprise Desbiens23Marketing student & bloggerTrois-Rivieres, Quebec
Bruno Ielo33Construction workerOttawa, Ontario
Cassandra Shahinfar23Marketing managerWinnipeg, Manitoba
Dallas Cormier25Lobster fisherman & welderEdmonton, Alberta[6]
Gary Levy25ArtistAjax, Ontario
Ika Wong32Financial services managerThornhill, Ontario
Kevin Martin24Professional poker playerCalgary, Alberta
Neda Kalantar25EntrepreneurVancouver, British Columbia
Sindy Nguyen27Beauty queenToronto, Ontario

In the first Head of Household competition of the season, it was all about endurance. But, with a twist. The winning duo will receive safety and also gets to choose which houseguest gets Head of Household. In a second twist called the BB Timewarp, one houseguest that you vote on will receive immunity until the jury phase of the competition begins.

BBCAN5 Episode 2 Airdate 3/16/17

Right before nominations took place, Sidney approached Karen about who she wanted to put on the block. Her response was not what Sidney wanted to hear. So, Sidney redirected the conversation from a returning player to a new player. At the Nomination Ceremony, Demetres and Matt were nominated for eviction. In a prehistoric veto competition, Ika, Bruno, and Kevin were selected to play in the first Veto competition of the season along with Karen, Demetres, and Matt. At the veto competition, Bruno was the best caveman of the competition earning him the Power of Veto. At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Bruno decided… not to use the Power of Veto on either Demetres or Matt.

Right before the first eviction, Sidney, Cassandra, and Gary were chatting about who they wanted to save and who to evict. Sidney brought up the fact that more people would vote Demetres out over Matt. Once Gary heard this information, he approached Ika and spilled the beans about Sidney. Ika was enraged and went off on Sidney. At the first live eviction, Demetres was evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey with a vote of 7-6. Right after the vote, the houseguests thought the evening was complete. That is until Arisa revealed that Canada has been voting for one houseguest to get immunity until jury. The Candian public decided that…Neda would get the immunity. Neda is still a full BBCAN member. She can still get picked to be a have-not, and also gets to compete in competitions and vote in evictions. The only exceptions is she can’t be nominated.

Make sure to tune into Big Brother Canada 5 on it’s new time Monday at 9/8c on Global to see who will be nominated for eviction. On the Big Brother Canada Facebook page, you can watch Arisa chat with the latest evicted player Matt.

You can watch that video by clicking here

Written by Christopher Mabry

“Never give up”


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