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Just a few weeks ago, Big Brother Canada  crowned their fifth champion of Canada’s hit reality show. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago we started seeing many reports that Big Brother Canada is going on Hiatus. This news has been confirmed by host Arisa Cox. Here is the tweet she sent out.


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The show has not been officially canceled, but it is evident the network is intent on taking a break. The ratings for the show have been on a decline. Season 5 did nothing to improve on that.


There are several factors why the show has been placed on hiatus. One is the cost. A lot of money goes into making Big Brother. All Big Brothers cost a lot for production, no matter if it’s in America, Canada or UK. It’s also a repetitive game and finding new ideas to change it up can be difficult at times.


Many past houseguest have been sadden by the news.




Hopefully, in 2019, or sooner,  Big Brother Canada will be back and wreak havoc on the houseguests. On the bright side, potential houseguests can start training for the return.


Written by Christopher Mabry

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