#BB19 Spoilers— Paul Abrahamian Spills The Tea About How He REALLY Feels About The #BB18 Cast!!

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Yesterday on the #BB19 live feeds Paul was letting his new cast know how he REALLY feels about his previous cast, Ouch! He was also making a good case on why he should have won. Yes, LOL, What is he thinking?

Below are some fun facts and summaries from the conversations that Paul had with a good part of the house.

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• His cast was psychotic. He loved the Big Brother experience, but not a lot of the people he was with. He had a blast, but the environment was stressful and sometimes hostile. He likes this cast better because they are chill.

• He isn’t bitter about not winning

• Cody was going on about how sweet Nicole is and it would be hard for him to be mean to her. Paul replied that the only person he truly connected with in the house was Nicole (Vic who? Lol)
He also implied that he is closest to Nicole outside the house.

• He said that Vic and I were boys in the house and it does carry on outside the house. In the house, they had the same fitness activities, were silly and had great banter. They are boys but outside the house, other factors came into play and he was like, “Whoa we are very different people”

• They asked why he doesn’t hang out with anyone from #BB18. He said Paulie was there for a fitness shoot and they grabbed lunch. Cody was in town and took him to his first baseball game and that Cody was great. Yes, he said Cody and meant Corey. When he was in New York, Jozea was in town they had lunch and while he was there Glenn also took him to a Yankee game which was super cool. He also thinks Bronte is sweet. He implied that the previous cast and himself, for the most part, are in no way besties.

• Matt asked him how Nicole played differently from season 16 to 18 and Paul replied “She played meticulous with what she did in our season. She still made the same mistake though, well I don’t want to say it was a mistake, but she got into another showmance.” Dominque then replied she thinks that helped Nicole and the feeds cut.

• He explained how some fans had a problem with him calling Michelle the “C” word and he went on to explain why she was one, a shriveled old vagina.

• He believes James did absolutely nothing in the game and was a waste.

• He told the Houseguests that he won the most comps, escaped the blocked six times and lost only because a jury member just wanted to see a girl win. People even broke their TVs after he lost.

• He said he believes, that even if he took James to the final two, he would have lost because the cast didn’t vote on who did what. He was damned either way with the votes.

• Matt, Elena, Cody and Jessica seem to really like Nicole and tried showing Paul the other side. May I say I think Matt might even have a crush on the BB18 Big Brother winner? Jessica implied maybe it was Paul’s speech that made him lose. She said Nicole had a great speech. Paul said Nicole stuttered through it. Jessica came back and said but she laid it out from day one what she did and it was compelling.

• Paul doesn’t want to take away anything from Nicole’s win because she worked hard for the win and he thinks she deserved it. Nicole didn’t mess with him, played her game and hustled. She grinded, won comps and was always thinking, but he should have won and most of America agreed.

• If he lost to James he would have basically freaked out because James did nothing the whole game and was worse than Victoria. He had no strategy, didn’t win anything and just sat back and chased Natalie around. He saw many cuts and bruises all over Nicole, she studied the game nonstop, so there was no way he was taking James to the final two. Nicole deserved to be next to him, but he was very confident he had it. He remarked maybe he might have blown it with the jury. Matt tells Paul that BB doesn’t set criteria for how you vote and people can vote however they want.

• He told his current houseguests that he didn’t realize how important the final speech was and now he would do a better job if he made it to final two this time.

• He emphasized to them what a competition beast he was and how great he was at escaping evictions when on the block.

• He questioned how the jury knew his family was well off with no internet access.

• He isn’t bitter that he didn’t win and is ok with loosing half a million dollars.

I really like Paul but what is he thinking??? He is not only coming across as completely full of himself. but basically is reminding the cast he is a huge threat. He should be arguing how there is no way he will make it far again not how he can and possibly win!

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1 thought on “#BB19 Spoilers— Paul Abrahamian Spills The Tea About How He REALLY Feels About The #BB18 Cast!!


    (July 2, 2017 - 12:16 pm)

    You forgot to mention that Paul also said this about Asian James.

    “James threw a monkey wrench in my plans the whole game.”

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