#BB19 Schedule: Only FOUR Shows Left This Season!!

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#BB19 Schedule: Three More Episodes – Then Finale Night!

This should prove to be an eventful week for Big Brother 19. In fact, after this week, there is just one more episode left in all of Big Brother this year! And this will be when the winner of BB19 will be awarded!

The concluding four episodes of Big Brother 19 have arrived. They are Wednesday (8/7c), Thursday (9/8c), Friday (8/7c), and then Wednesday, Sept 20th (8/7c) with the two-hour finale.

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Monday 9/11– The Veto meeting took place right on schedule yesterday, the rest of the Houseguests’ week is about to come racing down the highway at them.

Tuesday 9/12– The Houseguests will be surprised by an early eviction, but we will not get to see that happen. Instead, the Feeds will most likely go down midday Tuesday and stay down until Wednesday night, probably after the west coast broadcast.

Wednesday Night 9/13- The episode should be more than the typical Veto show. Julie will be back to host a pre-recorded eviction show featuring Tuesday night’s events and airing Wednesday 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. By the end of the show we will have our Final 4 houseguests of the season, but not for too long.

Thursday night 9/14- This show will be back action packed with the Final 4 as we get to find out which of them will meet the end of their game just short of the Final 3’s Final HoH three-round competition. This episode will be at the usual 9/8c timeslot.

Friday night 9/15- We will get one more additional episode at 8/7c. If they followed what they’ve done in years past, this will probably be the memory lane episode. Instead of showing us the first round of the final HoH comp, we’ll probably get an hour long “remember that time …….?” before the final three houseguests go to the backyard and start their Final endurance comp. We will probably only see it all get started.

Sunday 9/17 -Because CBS is hosting the Emmy Awards show this evening, there’s no Sunday episode in between.

Next Wednesday 9/20- The two-hour Big Brother 19 season finale starting at 8/7c on September 20th. We will finally see who is crowned the Winner of BB19 and who gets the coveted American’s Favorite Player.

Who is going to make the Finale 3? Will Paul try to cut Josh for his current distrustful conduct or will the trio stick together and send Kevin off to Jury after Alex? We will have the answers the next few days.

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