#BB19 News: Is Josh Martinez The Worst Bully Ever to Play Big Brother?!

#BB19 News: Is Josh Martinez The Worst Bully Ever to Play Big Brother?!

With all the controversy on Big Brother this season, Josh is right smack in the middle of it. People are saying that he represents the Latino community and he isn’t doing a good job of it. They are calling for him to be evicted from the house sooner than later.

We have seen Josh’s antics through live feeds and the weekly shows.

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#BB19 News: Is Josh Martinez The Worst Bully Ever to Play Big Brother?!

He has constantly harassed and bullied Jessica and Cody. Josh was probably the biggest reason why Megan self-evicted, because of his bullying her.

#BB19 News: Is Josh Martinez The Worst Bully Ever to Play Big Brother?!


Cody and Jessica aren’t fan favorites either, but they have used his words against him and have retreated to their own hideaway. The whole house has been goaded into harassing them from their ring leader Paul. When Paul told Jessica not to use her special power and she ended up using it, Paul made sure the houseguests rallied together to target the couple. Josh, in particular, used pots and pans to bang on around them and said some not so nice things to Cody, but when he disrespected his military service that’s when people had some not so nice things to say about Josh. Fans of the show are saying his “game play” is completely classless and producers need to put a stop to it.

Julie Chen did an interview with EW and addressed the issue of harassment, “Josh’s behavior is juvenile and annoying. It’s supposed to be meant to intimidate but Cody and Jessica are too strong-minded to let his antics affect them.

#BB19 News: Is Josh Martinez The Worst Bully Ever to Play Big Brother?!


Josh has also targeted Mark by using the same tactics, Mark tried to ignore him but when Josh started again Mark got in his face and took the pans away and producers stepped in and made them go to opposite sides of the house.

#BB19 News: Is Josh Martinez The Worst Bully Ever to Play Big Brother?!

Big brother is all about the drama but when it gets too nasty like it has this season, it is not enjoyable any longer to watch. Through out the seasons of BB, we have seen people get upset and have heated discussions, but this is completely different in the way Josh is harassing people (on the orders of Paul his puppet master).

Let’s hope that Josh uses his HOH to make big game moves on his own accord instead of being Paul’s puppet.

Come on houseguests wake up and play the game already! Josh your family is watching and you better have an apology ready, this is not how the Latino community wants to be represented,

Written by Rosa C

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Post Author: Rosa C

3 thoughts on “#BB19 News: Is Josh Martinez The Worst Bully Ever to Play Big Brother?!

    Elaine C

    (August 10, 2017 - 7:10 pm)

    For starter what Josh is doing is absolutely hilarious…….If these people can’t take it and are that weak minded then they don’t belong in the Big Brother House. If you want to talk about being NASTY!!! Everything that comes out of Jessica mouth is so foul and vile that it makes your skin crawl. So stop picking on Josh. He was just protecting himself from her comments that he couldn’t spell. So they deserve everything they get. They have not been friends with anyone in the house. That psychopath Cody has no personality and has not been friendly with anyone except Jessica under the sheets since day one sorry folks but it’s the truth………!!!!!! So your comments are wrong.


    (August 11, 2017 - 5:14 am)

    Big Brother need to put a stop to Josh behavior. Josh is a bully he want to cry first then apology then do the same thing again. I wish he would play his on game instead of playing Paul game. When Paul told Josh to turn it up what did Josh did turn it up with the pot and pan. Paul hand is not clean he got everybody doing his dirty work. I do not thank he will be big brother favorite fan again. He was a return house guess for them not to get Paul out. is mind blowing. They need to make big moved are just hand Paul the winning money.


    (August 11, 2017 - 8:20 am)

    Josh is a follower and if he cant see Paul as the abuser than he is very dum he should never in his life talk about Coty or America cause he couldn’t be in our forces without crying Mommy teach him better than that for sure big old Baby cry i glad I didn’t pay to watch it all about Paul for sure.

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