#BB19 News: Is Jason’s Apology Enough?

#BB19 News: Is Jason's Apology Enough?

Jason Dent the rodeo clown made some inappropriate comments in the BB house. He made a comment about rape with Kevin’s wife and have Kevin’s daughter’s watch. Jason’s family made apologies on his social media accounts for his ignorant comments. Kevin’s wife Deborah was disgusted and appalled by his jokes. She said Kevin would never make comments like that about someone else’s family.

#BB19 News: Is Jason's Apology Enough?

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Jason also made comments about transgenders, he said it was ignorant and he’d welcome the chance to learn more about the transgender community . Jason also said he wouldn’t know a transgender person even if they came up and shook his hand.

#BB19 News: Is Jason's Apology Enough?

There were pictures posted on social media with Kevin, Jason and their wives. So was Jason’s apology enough to mend fences with Kevin and his family. Jason seems to be truly sorry about all of his ignorant comments.

#BB19 News: Is Jason's Apology Enough?#BB19 News: Is Jason's Apology Enough?


So the question is , why would he “joke” about rape especially about his good friend’s wife and daughters? It just doesn’t make sense.

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