#BB19 Maven…Will They Make It On the Outside?

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#BB19 Maven...Will They Make It On the Outside?

Matt and Raven are ready to turn their showmance into real-world romance, but will their relationship survive outside the BB house?

ET caught up with them after the finale and spoke with both of them.

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Raven stated “I’m excited to see what the future hold for me and Matthew. She stated they connected on a whole new level, ok question how did they connect on a whole new level seeing they have only been outside the house for like 5 minutes?

#BB19 Maven...Will They Make It On the Outside?

Matt told ET “We’re gonna see what happens”. They plan on staying in California for about a week to spend time together. While Raven states that they connected on a whole new level, Matt is saying they haven’t known each other for a single minute outside of the BB house, but he is excited to get to know Raven and see where it goes.
So now that the show is over its time to face the fans. How will Raven handle all the questions about her illnesses? People have been questioning her backstory mostly with #ExposeRavenParty!

#BB19 Maven...Will They Make It On the Outside?

Allegedly there were past local news stories about Raven and her family. She did share a lot of information about her life including her medical history. When Matt was questioned by ET about believing all of her illnesses, he said that he saw her scar and the pacemaker, So I guess that part is true, but if some of her stories are made up then he’s sure she’ll tell him the truth.

Raven has an illness called Gastroparesis which she claims is terminal, which if it was terminal she’d already be dead or be dead shortly, I’m not sure if she knows what the word “Terminal” means.

Raven told ET “If you want to question it, that’s fine”. “Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I just really wanted to be an open book”. She claims to have a lot wrong with her including something weird like” Rough kneecap syndrome” basically it’s runners knee.

#BB19 Maven...Will They Make It On the Outside?

She went on to say that people tell her she doesn’t look sick, which she doesn’t, but honestly, I watched her eat and she does not follow the diet for a person on Gastroparesis.

She denied at one point saying her mom was in Mensa, she said that her mom could be in Mensa. She said her mom didn’t graduate from law school because she got sick.

Raven went on to say that she’s a very sick woman and that she has terminal illnesses, now it’s plural, not just one terminal illness but more than one! Does this include an introverted spine? LOL

WOW wake up Matt and see the writing on the wall! I liked Matt in the beginning until he hooked up with Raven and gave up his game for What?

Written by Rosa C

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