#BB19 Josh Martinez’s Family Makes Decision To Keep Evacuation Plans From Josh!

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As the season moves into the final two weeks for the Big Brother houseguests, they have absolutely no clue what’s going on in the outside world.

Newly crowned HOH and a front runner for final three, Josh Martinez hales from Miami Florida, which is currently under mandatory evacuation awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irma.

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In past seasons, Big Brother Production notified the houseguests affected by outside events that had the potential to be life changing and were given the opportunity to leave to be with their loved ones. However with Josh being the only houseguest affected by the evacuation of Southern Florida, Josh’s family opted to keep him in the dark about their evacuation, keeping the news of the hurricane from the houseguests.

According to an article on www.inquisitr.com, the family tweeted they were evacuating and had chosen NOT to tell Josh. They went on to say they did not want him to worry. It is also speculated by BB fans they are trying to keep Josh’s head in the game.

With the show’s finale coming up on September 20th, the BB house is blowing up! Coming out of a double eviction it’s down to Christmas, Kevin, Alex, Paul, and newly crowned HOH Josh.

Josh has been questioning Paul’s motives for a couple of weeks now. He has approached Christmas with his suspicions, but she keeps telling him to drop it. Super fans are hoping Josh, with his suspicions, will make a bold move as HOH and set his targets on Paul. If he can convince Alex and Kevin not to trust Paul, they could send the Puppet Master to jury.

With Josh being a ‘self proclaimed momma’s boy’, there is no doubt his family is protecting him to give him every opportunity to finish the game, and to keep him from worrying. He has been very verbal about his loyalty to his family, especially his mother. Many fans speculate he would leave the house to be with his family if he knew what they were enduring on the outside.

Given Josh’s emotionally charged personality, do you think his family is doing the right thing by keeping this info from him? Or should he be given the opportunity the leave to be with his family? Will Josh use his HOH to evict Paul from the game, or will he go home next week not being able to compete in HOH?

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Post Author: Deb. H.

2 thoughts on “#BB19 Josh Martinez’s Family Makes Decision To Keep Evacuation Plans From Josh!

    consuelo loera

    (September 9, 2017 - 9:48 am)

    Josh’s family know him best especially his momma and we do as she says.

    consuelo loera

    (September 9, 2017 - 9:49 am)

    his family knows best especially hi mother so es the right decision was made.

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