#BB19 Jody Hit the Streets on Amazing Race!

 #BB19 Jody Hit the Streets on Amazing Race!

Well, we haven’t seen the last of “Jody” Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are taking to the streets of New York to begin the Amazing Race. They are racing for 1 million dollars, at least Cody won’t have to deal with the closeness of these contestants.

 #BB19 Jody Hit the Streets on Amazing Race!

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The showmance of Jody decided to do the show which isn’t unusual for castmates of Big Brother, Jeff and Jordan also Rachel and Brendon have been on the Amazing Race.

 #BB19 Jody Hit the Streets on Amazing Race!

The reverse of BB to AR was season 17 when Race alums Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon moved into the BB house.

 #BB19 Jody Hit the Streets on Amazing Race!

Jess and Cody were actually the underdogs on BB19 but they were also fan-favs and Cody took home 25k for America’s Favorite Houseguest. Their romance is going strong and will hit the ground running on Oct 1st.

According to the Hollywood reporter, Jess was surprised when she found out they had been picked to do the race, Jessica said “Cody was still in Jury and we didn’t even the time to really talk about it. We’re just diving right into another project and it’s extremely exciting!”s Cody said, “Just as long as Jess wants to be on it, I’m cool with it.”
Jess believes Cody will shine in this, she said: “he’s the boss, but he shouldn’t get used to it.”

 #BB19 Jody Hit the Streets on Amazing Race!

Good Luck Jessica and Cody, go out there and race to the 1 million and make us proud!

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