BB19 Jody, Are they ready to join Amazing Race?

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The question everyone wants to ask, Will Jess and Cody be racing for a million dollars? Well, at least Cody won’t have to worry about being too personal with other contestants, not like on Big Brother.

We know that Jessica has a role on Bold and the Beautiful, possibly 2 or 3 airings, who knows maybe a recurring role.

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Brian Porreca from the Hollywood Reporter posted on Twitter that Jessica and Cody will be joining the Amazing Race together.


Jody is not the first showmance couple from BB to join the Amazing Race. Brendon and Rachel also Jeff and Jordan were on the show.

Brenchel actually did two separate seasons. CBS is no dummy, they will get fans from BB to watch their other programs and as popular as big brother is that’s a sure fire way to get more viewers.

Cody wasn’t the most congenial person in the house and how do we think he will be on the Amazing Race? His personality is a good fit for this show.
If the rumors are true, they won’t have much in the way of R&R after just finishing BB.

Jody has a good possibility of winning, they are both athletic and they are totally into each other and I don’t see them fighting a whole lot on the show. If they can keep focused and give it 100%, they definitely can win this Race!
The Amazing Race will be airing in the new year.
Good Luck Cody and Jessica, hope to see you two soon!

Rosa C

“Never Give Up” ~Rosa C.


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