BB19 Finale, And the Winner is…

BB19 Finale, And the Winner is...

Congratulations Josh on your win! Well, I didn’t see this one coming, this is my perspective but a lot of people didn’t like Josh and wanted Paul to win BB19. Josh was “The bully” well if you read or saw between the lines, it was Paul all along! So did the jurors get this one right? I believe so and from what I’ve been seeing online most people feel that Josh was the better choice. Ok, was he the better choice because he played a better game or was it because they didn’t want Paul to win. I have seen people post that Paul was robbed again even Julie Chen said that.

BB19 Finale, And the Winner is...

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Honestly, Paul did play the best game of everyone in the house this summer especially how he controlled the game and never was put on the block. However, he played dirty and pulled strings so people like Josh were being called out for being a bully.

BB19 Finale, And the Winner is...

Josh is a very emotional 23-year old who comes from Miami. He cried a lot because he was homesick and was sick of the BB house. When he chose not to take Christmas to the final two you could hear the Oh, no’s across TV land. His win is a surprise because he was an early target in the house. He did get called out a lot on his whining and crying, Everyone thought he would take Christmas to the end because she stayed by his side the whole game. The question is Would she have taken Josh to the final two? We all know she gave Paul her vote but was it because she was pissed at Josh, or was it her crush on Paul? People are giving her kudos for staying in the game with a broken foot, but seriously when she used the replacement temptation to take Cody out of the veto comp including me a lot of people weren’t happy about it. It really wasn’t fair because she could not compete. Some people are saying BB shouldn’t have given her the option and sent her packing to recoup and bring back another houseguest like Cameron. I agree with that!

BB19 Finale, And the Winner is...

People are shocked that Paul took 2nd place again because of his great social game, or was it? Everyone in the house trusted him except Cody of course, Cody had his number from day one. I think if people would have got on the Cody train, things definitely turned out differently. Congrats to Cody for winning AFP, the people got it right, he stayed true to himself no matter what you think of him!

BB19 Finale, And the Winner is...

In the end, Paul’s jury management sucked, he pissed off everyone for not owning up to what he did, he lied to the jury during his speech to the jury and then proceeded to call Josh a coward. In my opinion, Josh was the smarter one because he told the evictees exactly how he was playing in his goodbye messages.

BB19 Finale, And the Winner is...
Don’t spend all that money in one place Josh, and don’t take Christmas and Paul on a trip around the world, don’t think the money would cover it all!

Written by Rosa C

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