BANKRUPT! “Below Deck” Captain Lee Flat Broke Owes Plenty!

Maybe sailing on the seven seas with the rich and famous has caught up with this snarly sea Captain. Or maybe he just doesn’t care and hasn’t done the responsible thing like the rest of us do which is pay their bills on time. Either way what isn’t speculation is the fact that Harold Lee Rosback, the ‘Below Deck’ star is flat broke and looking for the easy way out. By declaring bankruptcy. Rosbach, 67, recently filed Chapter 13 with the United States Bankruptcy Court on March 6, 2017. He is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and can’t pay back a dime.

BANKRUPT! "Below Deck" Captain Lee Flat Broke Owes Plenty!

He even needed time and an installment plan just to cover the filing fees. The reality star owes at least 49 different creditors and they all want their money. Rosbach has two weeks to submit the required documents needed to begin this process. Who does that? He’s got to be making a huge salary as the fifth season of the Bravo series is currently filming. What’s he doing with all that money? Certainly, not paying creditors he’s borrowed from. I’ve no respect for people who do that. Sorry.

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Written by Kassandra Dunn

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