Bad Boy in Paradise Chad Johnson Supports the Return of “BIP”!

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Bad Boy in Paradise Chad Johnson Supports the Return of "BIP"!

Well, we all know about Chad Johnson, the everyday drinking and every hour eating guy, who actually got booted off of Bachelor in Paradise due to his intoxication and being just a plain jerk (I used a nicer word). He is speaking out that he is happy the show is returning and he actually felt bad for Corrine. I think they should hook up they’d be perfect for each other.

He also stated he felt bad for DeMario.. He told this to Hollywood during the premier for Famously Singles 2nd season. He said he’s happy because he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that show. He said they treat the show like it’s a “Miss America Pagent” Chad said ” After me, people kind of let loose, and it got a little crazy”

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The cast is being called back to resume filming, but a source said that DeMario will not be returning. as for Corinne who knows if she will go back to the island. She really shouldn’t return especially since the story came out she has a boyfriend. We know because of social media that Amanda Stanton, Raven Gates, Jasmine Goode, Astrid Loch, Danielle Lombard and Robby Hayes are heading back to resume filming. We are wondering how the show will deal with the scandal?

Corinne has decided to take legal matters into her own hands, her lawyer said they are doing their own investigation no matter if the show resumes or not.

Bad Boy in Paradise Chad Johnson Supports the Return of "BIP"!

Chad will be on the show Famously Single on E, starting June 25th, Wait, what about his supermodel girlfriend Zoe Baron he has been dating for two or three months and he thought they made it official?

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