Bachelorette’s Chad Johnson…Does the Villain have a Villainess?

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Chad Johnson from JoJo’s season and Bachelor in Paradise told ET he is dating model Zoe Baron. He stated they have been dating on and off two or 3 months, oh and he stated “I think we made it official like two weeks ago”, so tell me Chad you don’t know how long you’ve been dating and you only think you made it official? That’s our Chad lol.


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He stated she contacted him via email to ask how to get in shape, wait a minute here, isn’t she supposed to be a model? I am so confused with this relationship. He says he’s happy and on a scale from one to happy, he’s totally happy! Well, I am happy for him. He also stated that he hasn’t said “I love you” as of yet but it’s close. They use the word “Luv” in their text messages.




I think if Chad would put down the food and drinks this relationship might be further along, we all remember him from JoJo’s season always eating and drinking.


Oh, yea he was the party guy and liked to get on people’s nerves.


So Chad and Zoe, how are the workouts coming along? I hope Zoe gets in shape soon LOL


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