Bachelor in Paradise the Filming Has Stopped!

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“Bachelor in Paradise” Filming Stopped!

Season 4 production has been stopped over allegations of misconduct. The first new episode was supposed to air August 8. ABC & Warner Brothers are conducting a thorough investigation into the allegations. The initial cast along with Chris Harrison arrived in Mexico last week and had only begun filming. Although no official details about the incident are being released. Reality Steve is reporting that the incident involves Corinne and Demario. Contestants were apparently given their phones back and they are being sent home, the show is cancelled. Corinne and Demario were not with the other contestants seen in the Puerto Vallarta airport earlier today.

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Amy Kaufman, film writer @ LA Times had a few more details and is reporting that on the first day of production, Demario and Corinne were both very intoxicated. Corinne came up and kissed Demario at the bar and they then went to the pool and got naked. Although it is being said they did not have sex, it is being described as “raunchy” and “soft Porn”. The next day a producer did not show for work, and then the powers that be were informed she was suing production for misconduct over what she witnessed between the two. Corinne and Demario were both shown the footage. This really could turn out to be the most dramatic season yet, if it ever takes place. Summer will not be the same without “Paradise”.





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