“Bachelor In Paradise”: Season 4 Has Begun Filming!


“Bachelor in Paradise” season 4 will premiere August 8th on ABC. Filming has started on Mexico’s Pacific coast at Playa Escondida Resort near Sayulita, Mexico. Like previous seasons somewhere around 30 contestants will attempt to find love in paradise, starting with the usual 15 – 17 men and women to start. The show is a constant love shuffle with an uneven number of men and women and roses to be handed out. Those left without the signature red rose are sent packing and new paradise guests arrive.


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Some fan favorites to look forward to this season are: Raven Gates, Jasmine Goode, Corrine Olympios, Robby Hayes and Ben Zorn. Rumored to be joining, but not confirmed is Corrine’s nemesis, Taylor Nolan. The two clashed on Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor”, Corrine has stated she is nervous about girl drama. The bigger question is will Corrine’s nanny also make an appearance and make a dish of her favorite cheesy pasta?


"Bachelor In Paradise": Season 4 Has Begun Filming!


Despite rumors that he no longer worked for the resort, it looks like Jorge the Bartender will again be slinging the drinks and listening to the drama that is sure to unfold. We will also be joined by other alums of the show, as they show to see Carly Waddell and Evan Bass tie the knot on the beach they met.


"Bachelor In Paradise": Season 4 Has Begun Filming!


Playa Escondida Resort is located right on the beach and surrounded by jungle. It a secluded, relaxing resort. The bungalows we see on “Bachelor in Paradise” are completely open with one of 3 views: Beach, Jungle or Canyon. The bungalows are located about a 1/2 mile from the the resorts main hotel. If you are thinking of visiting, Paradise does not come cheap, the bungalows run about $500 per night. Chris Harrison will again be our host for the show.


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