Well, it’s official Carly Waddell and Evan Bass exchanged vows on their favorite beach.
No one saw this coming in the beginning of BIP season 3, Carly didn’t like Evan in that way but considered him a good friend, they say Opposites attract!!

They had a small but intimate wedding with family and friends at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort. BIP alum Tanner and Jade Tolbert were there. Nick and Vanessa attended and Kaitlyn Bristowe.
Chris Harrison performed the nuptials.

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“Everything happened for a reason”, Carly told People. “It’s been a long journey for me in Bachelor Nation, but I would do it a thousand times because the next part is going to be bliss”

They are residing in Nashville with Evan’s 3 sons. They both take pride in the one thing that keeps their relationship strong. “Communication” it’s what they had as friends and what keeps them in love.
Evan pleaded with ABC not to cancel BIP, he wrote on the day of his wedding asking them to keep the show on the air. He stated, “while it’s just a silly show to some for me it was an experience that changed my life”. It bothers him about the allegations happening on his favorite beach. He stated he is sad that other’s will not have the opportunity to find love in this unique way. He also said that he is disturbed by the way production is being portrayed, he defended all of them including Jorge the bartender. Evan states “I wasn’t allowed to drink for two weeks because of medication I was taking”, He said, “when I tried to sneak a sip or order a drink the staff would stop me”. He said “I’ve watched staff and producers stop many situations before they became a problem, even at the expense of “great TV”
Evan also stated that he doesn’t know DeMario but the cast members he has spoken to that have gotten to know him, say he’s a good guy. He doesn’t think that DeMario thought he was hurting Corrine or believe that he knew she wasn’t able to consent.

Evan has said that he wants to watch the next couple fall in love on Bachelor in Paradise.
Way to go, Evan and Carly, Love always wins!!

Written by Rosa C

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